The best stores to renovate your home in the UK

Summer is the ideal time to . The days are longer and you can take advantage of the time to rethink every space.

Try, play, assemble and disassemble with what we have and adding new objects is a way to give ideas to those who have in mind to redecorate.

Before buying, try moving furniture. In another location, they have a completely different personality. But if you are determined to invest in new furniture for your home, these are the best UK stores to visit.



This store works with some of the world's most original furniture designers to create simple, stylish, and affordable products.

At , you can find a wide range of products: beds, home furnishings, seasonal decorations, kitchenware, rugs, and low-cost furniture.

There are many ways to save money at IKEA so that remodeling your home doesn't eat up your entire budget. You can go to the offers section of their website to learn about discounts and promotions or subscribe to the newsletter to receive the latest information about their products and catalogs.

Zara Home

ZARA HOME-min.jpg

designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells its own products. As one of the world's most famous fast fashion brands, it constantly presents new collections designed to make your home a dream place.

The firm's catalog features everything from affordable tables and chairs to light-colored sofas and recliners that are ideal for bringing freshness into your home. You can subscribe to Zara's newsletter to receive information about their latest offers and promotions or browse the web for the best prices.



In this store, you can find dozens of different brands such as Dream Zone, Hoie of Scandinavia, Flora Danica, Temprakon, Jutlandia, Kronborg, Wellpur, Dunlopillo, Royal Oak, among others. It also offers a wide variety of products to make your home warmer and more enjoyable.

There are armchairs, wall shelves, bath mats, curtains, tables, cabinets, and even tents in case you want to transform your garden into a real camping site. You can save at by browsing their weekly ads or subscribing to their newsletter for special discounts.

Furniture Village

furniture village-min.jpg

offers a wide selection of brands. Among them, Cory, Touch, World of Leather, Darcey Fabric, Felix, Catania, The Botanical Collection, Amelie Boutique, Mimi, Legend, Fleur, Ollie, Brondby, Snug and Versatile.

In this store you can find furniture and accessories to renovate different rooms of your home, as it offers from pillows and sheets to glassware, cabinets, paintings and outdoor furniture. On its website are loaded with all promotions and discounts and the latest information on its products and catalogs.

has the latest catalogs of your favorite brands. Find the best furniture in recommended stores and enjoy your home.

The best stores to renovate your home in the UK

The cheapest supermarkets in the UK

The household economy is one of the most important points when we think about saving. Paying attention to the promotions and discounts offered by the main supermarkets in the UK is essential to avoid overspending.

If you are on a tight budget and don't want to overspend, here is a list of stores to buy cheap groceries and other everyday products. Take note and shopping will no longer be a burden on your pocket.


One of the UK's largest supermarket chains, with over 1700 locations worldwide and online representation. It offers a wide variety of cheap groceries and by subscribing to its newsletter or registering on its website you can access the latest offers.

The best way to get exclusive benefits at is to find a store near you and memorize their weekly ad. You'll also be able to access cash back rewards with major credit cards, instant savings on special products, and online-only offers.



is considered one of the best discount supermarket chains. There you will find everything from alcoholic drinks to fresh fruits and vegetables, seafood, bread, snacks, ice cream, and meat.

It is a store conceived as a low-price store, where you can save even more money by browsing the offers section on their website or downloading coupons to use in all UK branches. By creating an account on their website, you can access exclusive member benefits.


It is one of the most popular discount stores in the UK. You can find many quality products: groceries, bookstore and perfumery items, small appliances, and technology.

There are many ways to save money at , although the best way is to subscribe to their weekly newsletter. Receive all their discounts, promotions, and seasonal offers directly in your inbox and start saving. You can also create an account on their website to find nearby stores and opportunities.



Its focus on efficiency and low prices made it one of the most popular stores in the UK when savings are the goal. has more than 900 locations and an online marketplace where customers can browse and shop directly from its extensive catalog.

The best way to get exclusive benefits at Lidl is through their weekly ad catalog. You can also subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest offers and promotions or create an account on their website to access members-only benefits.

has the latest catalogs of the cheapest supermarkets in the UK. Discover the current offers that these stores have to offer and find the best discounts for your budget. If you are looking for quality products at low prices, these are the recommended places for you.

The cheapest supermarkets in the UK

The most luxurious car brands in the UK

The automotive industry has been an essential part of the UK's economy since the second industrial revolution. While American cars were designed to be affordable, standardized, and efficient, British cars were designed to be luxurious, comfortable, and packed with fancy accessories.

Even today, the British automotive industry is a synonym for elegance and quality. Here is our list of the most luxurious car brands in the UK.



Officially known as Bentley Motors Limited, the brand has been around since 1919, making it one of the world's most experienced car companies. The brand was acquired by Rolls-Royce in 1931 and eventually by Volkswagen in 1998, but it never lost its style.

Responsible for cars like the Continental GT and the Bentley, Brooklands is still considered one of the UK's most classic automotive companies. Their slender design is an unmistakable signature of what a real luxury car should be.



Founded in 1906, Rolls-Royce is probably THE most luxurious car in the world. While other companies like Ferrari or Maserati focused on more sportive styles, Rolls-Royce aimed to be a brand fit for a king… or a queen in this case.

The company is heavily associated with royalty and power. From the Queen of England to some of the richest families in the world, Rolls-Royce has managed to charm even the most demanding customers.



The Jaguars' motto is "The Art of Performance" and they certainly mean it. The brand has managed to reinvent itself in more ways than one. While they have always been a luxury company, in the last 5 years, Jaguar managed to spearhead the electric vehicle revolution with amazing designs and top-of-the-line features that combine cutting-edge technology with comfort and style.

From the F-Type convertible to the E-Pace compact SUV, the brand managed to position itself not only as one of the UK's most luxurious car companies but also as one of the world's most efficient electric vehicle companies.



While it may not be the biggest player on the list, Mini definitely created its own kind of style. The Morris Mini Minor, created in 1959, was considered a car for the people, by the people, but its redesigned version changed the game in more ways than one.

The modern Mini Cooper created a revolution. Young people fell in love with its design, its features, and, above all, its meaning. The car was a small, functional, elegant, and true representation of what modern cars should be.

It was also very efficient, and one of the first modern cars that addressed the need to offer better consumption and less CO2 emissions. Yes, it may not be a classic luxury car, but trust us when we say it was, and probably still is, one of the most relevant designs of a generation.

offers the best catalogs, deals, and promotions to save money on everything you need to maintain and upgrade your vehicle. Discover amazing promotions on , , , DIY materials, and , and get the best value for your money today!

The most luxurious car brands in the UK

4 British fashion products that will never get old.

British fashion has a reputation for being conservative, elegant, and stylish. While the American fast-fashion industry is built to be flexible and, well, cheap, British apparel companies focus on providing quality materials capable of withstanding even the gloomiest of winters without losing your style.

Here are some of the most iconic British fashion products you can have in your wardrobe.

Classic pea coats

Probably the most essential item on the list. Pea coats and trench coats are an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to dress in style. From Audrey Hepburn to Kate Middleton, they all had at least a couple of coats for different occasions.

While they are certainly not cheap, not every coat costs a small fortune. There are many fashion brands that offer quality coats at bargain prices during the holidays or clearance sales. It's only a matter of seizing the opportunity.

If you are building your new wardrobe and you don't have at least one coat, we suggest you start with something that can be used on multiple occasions.


Blazers are definitely in fashion right now. They are stylish, comfortable, and warm and add a particular sense of style to anything you wear. There are many types of blazers, including oversized blazers, but the only ones that won't ever grow old are the more traditional neutral-color designs.

Brands like Banana Republic, J Crew, Zara, and Brooks Brothers have amazing designs that are also surprisingly affordable. Don't be afraid to shop around for the perfect fit, there are literally hundreds of options!

Everything tweed

If there is a fabric that can be considered 100% British, it's tweed. Dresses, coats, blazers, jackets, suits, skirts, pants, tweed looks good on everything. The trick with tweed is to make sure it fits right. While a tight tweed skirt can make you look elegant and slender, baggy tweed pants can make you remember your grandfather in ways you probably want to avoid.

Peter Pan Collar Dresses

Fans of Wednesday Addams, unite! Peter Pan collars are in fashion right now for many reasons. They are comfortable, elegant, easy to combine and, in general, just look amazing.

There are many types of dresses you can wear to incorporate this style. It is generally applied to black and dark patterns, but you can also find other, more progressive designs to pick from.

Some of the brands offering a selection of Peter Pan collar dresses in the UK are Tommy Hilfiger, 1901, Shein, Zara, H&M, and basically any fashion brand that offers stylish collections.

It is certainly one of the best semi-formal options to wear at the office, meetings or in that zoom call where you need to look like somebody who is not wearing pajamas all day long.

4 British fashion products that will never get old.

The best supermarket chains in the UK

Grocery shopping is sometimes considered to be a dull affair. And while sometimes it can be monotonous and uneventful, other times It can lead to very interesting things, like discovering your new favorite wine brand or an amazing discount on an electric kettle.

In the UK, your grocery shopping satisfaction mostly depends on where you go. That is why we prepared the ultimate supermarket list, ranking the absolute best places to go when running low on supplies for that movie marathon you have been postponing.


In almost every supermarket ranking you can find on the internet (yes, those are a thing) ALDI always comes on top. This German brand has it all. Amazing prices, some of the best brands on the market, variety, and some of the best customer service in the land.

They also have a collection of beer brands that can put even the poshest pub in London to shame. They also have a vast network of stores, covering almost every urban area in the UK, with over 870 locations and their own online marketplace.

What's not to love?


A proper British supermarket. Morrisons was founded in 1899, making it one of the oldest (ye oldest) supermarket chains on the land. They are currently the fourth largest chain in the UK, with over 490 stores located in major urban areas.

They may very well be the top UK chain on the list and rank among the favorite places to go if you are British, hungry, and carrying a shopping list on your hand or phone.

They offer some of the best brands in the world, while also displaying a selection of amazing UK products ranging from absolute classics to newfound favorites. They also have their own online marketplace, offering free shipping on selected purchases and special discounts for those who prefer staying home.


Another national treasure. Founded in 1919 by a young entrepreneur named Jack Cohen, Tesco has become one of the UK's most valuable brands. They have managed to cross the border into many European countries and have fairly survived the Brexit aftermath without losing so much as a hummus dish.

One of the most attractive things about Tesco has to do with their offers and weekly deals. While some supermarkets offer generic discounts, Tesco often provides some of the most interesting combos that, combined with their financing options, can make you save a lot of money.

They are also incredibly huge in terms of coverage. They own and operate over 4600 shops worldwide, making them the McDonald of British supermarkets. They are also very successful in Hungary, Ireland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. So if you ever decide to go to any of those places, you can be sure there will be a Tesco waiting for you, probably near your hotel.

The best supermarket chains in the UK

5 products that are over the top British

The UK is famous for many things. Among those things are great performers, accents, a disproportionate number of royals, and products. The UK has some of the world's most famous brands ranging from luxury cars to groceries that make you wonder why they chose to leave the EU.

If you are on the market for some of the most undeniably British items in the world, here are 5 of them you just can't miss.


Some love it, some hate it, but everyone agrees this is probably the most British thing you can put on top of bread except for a little plastic Union Jack flag. Invented in Staffordshire during the late 19th century, Marmite is one of those things you just need to try at least once.

This little jar of black jelly has been a matter of debate for hundreds of years and it will most likely continue as new generations take on the old tradition of choosing a side in the Marmite war.

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

You can't spell chocolate without Cadbury, at least not in the UK. Probably one of the most recognized chocolate brands in the world, right there with other power players like Milka, Lindt, and Hershey's, Cadbury has gained a reputation for its amazing dark chocolate bars and consistent quality.

Dr. Martens shoes

Make room for the boot. While we personally still doubt that Dr. Martens has a real doctor's license, their iconic black boot has been a part of modern British history since Punk decided to adopt the brand as part of their ever so dysfunctional family.

They are probably one of the most loved British brands in the world, and one that still holds true to their original style. You can visit any good department store on the globe and find a pair of Dr. Martens… and they are never on sale!

Ascot Hats

If you ever need to go to a fancy wedding, visit Buckingham Palace or make plans to assassinate James Bond, Ascot hats are absolutely the thing you need. Designed by David Shilling with the purpose of visiting the Royal Ascot, this hat has been part of British culture for centuries.

While hats have, unfortunately, gone out of fashion, this accessory is still oh so very relevant in fancy black-tie events. While we may not need one, we certainly want to have it just in case the queen feels the need to knight a few writers.

Aston Martins

Speaking of James Bond, let's talk about a brand that could not be more British if it came with a plate of fish and chips in the trunk. Aston Martin was 1913 and is still one of the greatest automotive brands in the world.

It has style, cutting-edge technology, speed, and specs that would make Jeremy Clarkson cry with joy.

5 products that are over the top British

5 British beer brands everybody loves

Nothing like a good pint in your favorite pub… or anywhere else really. Beer has been an essential part of the British even before tea was discovered, and that is saying something. While this wonderful brew is not originally from the UK, because it dates back to the days of the laws of Hammurabi, it was embraced and perfected by British breweries to the point of sheer perfection.

If you are looking for your next favorite brewer, here is a list of 5 British beer brands you just can't miss.

Greene King

Founded in 1799, Greene King was created by Benjamin Greene, a young entrepreneur from Suffolk who wanted to make a different kind of ale to sell in the region. Since then, the brand has been making history, with some of the best beers in the UK. Their specialty is the Greene King IPA, an example of what a proper pint should always be like.


Created in 1845, Fuller’s is a family-owned brewery responsible for some of the best lagers you can find in the UK. Their logo is a golden griffin, a signature of their style and reputation. In 2019, the company was bought by Asahi, a Japanese beer brand, to compete in the British Market. Still, most of their employees and managers are still there, making sure the brand stays true.

Newcastle Brown Ale

Launched by Colonel Jim Porter in 1927, this brand is often considered to be “the working man's beer” and, like a wise man used to say, a working-class hero is something to be.

Strong, robust, affordable, and unmistakable, they are heavily associated with industrial regions and university students. But don't let their rough exterior fool you, they are one of the UK's biggest and most profitable beer brands.


Created in 1865 by one John William Cameron, Camerons is probably one of the most important companies in County Durham. Their signature beer, the Strongarm, was introduced in 1955 and is still going strong. Other beers like Trophy Special, and Bullion Gold, are also very well known, present in pubs all around the country, supermarkets, and liquor stores. Their slogan is “The North East brewers”, and with what is easily the most impressive brewer in the county, you can be sure they mean it.

Shepherd’s Neame

The oldest brewer in the UK. Founded in 1698, they are an English independent brewer from Kent. With over 300 years on the market, they know a thing or two about what it takes to make the perfect pint.

They use chalk-filtered mineral water from their own personal wellness and hops exclusively grown in Kent county. The company also brews some international beers, but we can assure you they are nothing like their original products.

5 British beer brands everybody loves