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The best Christmas offers of the season

The best Christmas offers of the season

Christmas is getting closer and closer and we are already preparing everything to receive it. We have to think about gifts, interior and exterior decoration and also the dinner if you are going to be the host on the night of the 24th. Even if you don't have much of a budget, here we bring you the best deals of the season so that a date as special as Christmas doesn't become a real headache.



If you are one of those people who love to decorate the outside of the house and differentiate yourself from your neighbors with lights and decorations, at Costco you will find everything you are looking for and much more. You can choose from an impressive variety of ornaments like a giant nutcracker, reindeer and lamps for your front yard at promotional prices. There's also a large stock of ribbons to choose from for your tree and even a miniature Grinch.



If the family celebration is at your home, Very has amazing deals on flatware, place settings, pillows and floor mats. You can have all the gear matched in tune with Christmas. The nice thing is that you do the splurge one year, but then you can continue to use these items for the next holiday season. Bring the Christmas spirit to every corner of the house. Don't forget that you can also buy a bath mat and even decorate that part of the house with lights or festive items.

The Body Shop


For Christmas we always choose some new clothes to wear and make our three wishes. Pampering ourselves with a rich perfume can also make us shine on that great night of celebration. In The Body Shop you will find a wide variety of fragrances. The best deals on perfumes, soaps and body lotions are in this store. The season is propitious to spend a few extra pounds and treat someone we love with a delicious fragrance.



If you are a fan of decoration, another option you can't miss is IKEA. For Christmas it adds a wide catalog with beautiful and inexpensive decorations. There are stars, balls of all colors and bright ribbons to decorate your tree as you like. **You are the architect of your own Christmas. Red, green and white candles are also great for ambiance. You can even add ornaments like snow globes or little plastic Santa Clauses to your mantel.

Lego Shop


It's time for gifts. Depending on the age and the stimulus that the little ones have, the gift will be thought of. From stuffed animals, skateboards, puzzles, plastic soldiers, soccer balls, dolls or figures of animated characters of the moment. The possibilities are many and you can find them in Lego. For dates like Christmas, this chain always prepares special promotions so that you can buy a nice gift without spending your entire budget.

Flyers 365 brings you all the catalogs of your favorite UK stores so that you don't overspend at Christmas. It is an important date and a time to get together, but also to give something special as a gift.


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