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DFS is a British chain of stores focused on the sale of furniture and home furnishings. With a long history in the market, DFS operates in England through a wide network of stores strategically distributed throughout the country.

What kind of products can I find at DFS?

At DFS customers can find a wide variety of products such as fabric sofas, fabric corner, fabric recliners, fabric sofa beds, fabric chairs, leather sofas, corner sofas, corner sofa beds, recliners, corner recliner sofas, sofa beds, chair beds, tv beds, kids beds, divan beds, ottoman beds, super king beds, king size beds, wardrobes, bedroom furniture, bedside tables, living room furniture, lamp tables, tv stands, footstools, mirrors, and much more.


Frequently asked questions about DFS

When was DFS created?

The history of DFS began in 1963 with the founding of the company and the opening of its first store in England by the Hardy family. Since its beginnings, DFS has had the goal of providing its customers with high quality and durable furniture. In the following decades, DFS underwent a strong expansion process with the opening of a large number of stores throughout the country. Nowadays, DFS operates in England through more than 100 stores distributed throughout the main regions of the country. They also sell their products through their exclusive online store.

What brands can I find at DFS?

DFS is a manufacturer of furniture and home furnishings, and therefore sells products under its own brand name.

How to save money at DFS

Saving money at DFS is very easy by taking advantage of the offers and promotions posted on their official website. In the DFS online store, there is an "Offers" section where customers can find a large selection of products at discounted prices. At Flyers 365 you will also find the latest offers and promotions at DFS. By subscribing to the Newsletter or following DFS on social networks, it is possible to keep up to date with the latest deals.

Who are DFS's main competitors across the country?

DFS competes in England with other chains of stores such as Next, Furniture Village, among others.

How to get exclusive benefits at DFS

DFS offers its customers high quality and durable furniture. Customers can purchase their products at the DFS online store and have them delivered to their homes. In case of any inconvenience with some of its products, DFS allows returns and refunds. DFS has exclusive customer service by phone and email.

Will DFS have deals on Black Friday?

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