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Origins is a multinational brand of cosmetics headquartered in New York. It is owned by The Estée Lauder Companies, together with Lab Series, Aramis, Clinique, and many other brands. Origins specializes in natural skincare products. You can buy their items through their locations and online store.

The Estée Lauder Companies is the second largest cosmetics company in the world after L'Oréal. They operate in more than 150 countries and have approximately 1600 retail stores worldwide.

Frequently asked questions about ORIGINS

How to save money at ORIGINS

Saving money at Origins is very easy. You can shop amazing deals on their website’s “Offers” section, spin the wheel on their website to win discounts or free products, and take advantage of free shipping on selected orders.

Discounts offered by ORIGINS

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When was ORIGINS created?

Origins was founded in 1990 by Leonard Lauder, son of Estée Lauder. Today, their products are sold all around the world in thousands of retail stores.

In the UK, you can find points of sale in London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Cardiff, Derby, Nottingham, Sheffield, Edinburgh, and many other cities. You can also shop online and get your order delivered to any place in the country.

Is ORIGINS currently open?

The days and times of operations are different for each point of sale. Get more details about nearby stores by visiting https://www.origins.co.uk/store-locator and contacting your nearest retailer.

How to buy ORIGINS products Online

You can shop your favourite Origins products directly through their online store and enjoy exclusive offers and free shipping on selected orders.

What brands can I find at ORIGINS?

Origins formulates, produces and sells its own products. They make innovative, safe and effective cosmetics using high-quality naturally-derived ingredients. Every formula and dosage is studied with the greatest care to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

ORIGINS have deals on Black Friday?

Origins joins the Black Friday and offers great savings opportunities, with unmissable discounts on selected products from leading brands of cosmetics, perfumery, daily hygiene, skin care and hair care.

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During the next Black Friday, which this year is on November 24, you will enjoy discounts on health and beauty products up to 50%, among which stand out soap, tampons, foundation, mascara, shampoo, sunscreen, blush, primer, lip gloss, hair dye, vitamins, concealer, serum, moisturizer, powder, eyeliner, lipstick, highlighter, bronzer, eyeshadow, cc cream, eye cream, setting spray, facial cleanser, tanning oil, brushes, skincare products.

As its name suggests, Black Friday takes place on Friday, but most stores extend their offers throughout the weekend, such is the case of Origins, which has all kinds of discounts on the best hygiene and cosmetic products, with vegan and cruelty free components.

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Who are ORIGINS's main competitors across the country?

Origins competes with other skincare brands in the UK, including Avon, Neutrogena and The Ordinary.

How many ORIGINS stores are across the country?

Origins has thousands of retailers worldwide and an online store. In the UK, the company operates in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Visit https://www.origins.co.uk/store-locator to find stores near you.

How to get exclusive benefits at ORIGINS

The best way to get exclusive benefits at Origins is to create an account on their website and subscribe to their newsletter. You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to get the latest information, discounts and coupons.


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