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T.M. Lewin is a British online menswear retailer. The company is headquartered in Farringdon, in the London Borough of Islington. Since 2020, T.M. Lewin sells its products exclusively through its online store.

What kind of products can I find at T.M. LEWIN?

T.M. Lewin offers a wide variety of clothing for men. They specialize in shirts of different styles and fabrics, including formal shirts, casual shirts, dress shirts, non-iron shirts and double-cuff shirts made of twill, poplin, oxford and flannel. They also sell suits, trousers, knitwear, outwear and blazers.

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Frequently asked questions about T.M. LEWIN

When was T.M. LEWIN created?

T.M. Lewin was founded in 1898 by Thomas Mayes Lewin. He opened his first shop on London's Panton Street in partnership with Geoffrey James Lewin. Later on, they moved to Jermyn Street.

Thomas Mayes became a renowned designer in London with the creation of the button-up shirt. Before he retired in 1938, the company provided the British Army with uniforms during WWI.

The company owned almost 70 stores in the UK before they were all closed down in 2020. Today, T.M. Lewin operates exclusively online. You can order their products through their online store.

What brands can I find at T.M. LEWIN?

T.M. Lewin designs, manufacture and sells its own brand of menswear. All their products are made with high-quality materials focusing on craftsmanship, timeless style and durability.

How to save money at T.M. LEWIN

Saving money at T.M. Lewin is very easy. You can shop seasonal offers from the “Sale” section on their website and save up to 70%. There are also multi-buy offers and a 15% off welcome code for those who subscribe to their newsletter.

Who are T.M. LEWIN's main competitors across the country?

T.M. Lewin’s top competitors in the UK are Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts Ltd, Moss Bros and Fenwick.

Is T.M. LEWIN currently open?

You can place your order at T.M. Lewin’s online store at any time. All orders placed before 17:00 are delivered the next day.

How many T.M. LEWIN stores are across the country?

T.M. Lewin does not own any physical shops anymore. You can purchase their products through their online store. Visit https://tmlewin.co.uk/ to start shopping.

How to buy T.M. LEWIN products Online

You can buy T.M. Lewin products directly from their website and enjoy exclusive offers, shipping options, different payment methods and amazing deals by subscribing to their newsletter.

How to get exclusive benefits at T.M. LEWIN

The best way to get exclusive benefits at T.M. Lewin is to create an account on their website. You can also follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to get the latest information and discounts.

Discounts offered by T.M. LEWIN

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