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Royal Albert is a British brand focused on the manufacture of tea sets and fine china tableware porcelain. With a long history in the market, Royal Albert is headquartered in London, United Kingdom. Royal Albert sells its products through a wide network of independent resellers and distributors throughout the United Kingdom, and also sells its products online.

What kind of products can I find at ROYAL ALBERT?

Royal Albert sells a wide variety of products such as tableware, teaware, serveware, plates, dinner plates, accent plates, bread and butter plates, birthday plates, pasta bowls, soup bowls, mugs, tea accessories, tea sets, teapots, tea cups and saucers, sugar bowls, tea side plates, home decor item, flower pots, vases, bowls, trinket boxes, collection items, among many other products.

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Frequently asked questions about ROYAL ALBERT

When was ROYAL ALBERT created?

Royal Albert was founded in 1896 in England. From its beginnings, Royal Albert's objective was to provide its customers with fine porcelain of the highest quality and durability, a business it entered in 1904. Within a few years, Royal Albert conquered the English market and became a leading brand in the manufacture of porcelain, making use of the finest materials.

Royal Albert is considered a brand of British nobility. In recent years, production moved to China. Nowadays, Royal Albert operates in the UK selling its products for example through the Wedgwood website.

What brands can I find at ROYAL ALBERT?

Royal Albert is a well-known porcelain manufacturer, and therefore sells its products under its own brand name.

How to save money at ROYAL ALBERT

Saving money on Royal Albert is very easy by taking advantage of the offers and promotions that they publish in the different online stores where they sell their products, for example Wedgwood. At flyers365 you will also find all the offers and promotions at Royal Albert. Royal Albert often launches seasonal and holiday promotions and offers.

Online stores such as Wedgwood often publish discount codes and launch exclusive promotions for special occasions, such as Chinese New Year.

Who are ROYAL ALBERT's main competitors across the country?

Royal Albert competes in the UK with other brands such as Denby, Emma Bridgewater, Heraldic Pottery, among others.

Is ROYAL ALBERT currently open?

Royal Albert has no physical stores in the UK, but sells its products through a wide network of independent retailers.

How many ROYAL ALBERT stores are across the country?

Royal Albert has no physical stores in the UK.

How to buy ROYAL ALBERT products Online

Royal Albert sells its products on Wedgwood's online store, where customers can compare prices, buy their products, find offers and promotions, and receive their products at home.

How to get exclusive benefits at ROYAL ALBERT

Customers can enjoy great benefits with Royal Albert by purchasing their products online and having them delivered to their homes. In case of any inconvenience with any of its products, Royal Albert allows returns and exchanges. All products sold by Royal Albert come with a factory warranty and quality certification.

Discounts offered by ROYAL ALBERT

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