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Tesco weekly wonders: bag big savings on British essentials

Tesco weekly wonders: bag big savings on British essentials

The Tesco supermarket chain has several benefits for frequent shoppers. One of the most prominent are the coupons that vary depending on the day and allow you to save money, and of course the Tesco grocery bargains. Tesco is known for its variety of fresh produce, such as fruit, vegetables, meat and fish. In addition, it has a wide range of own brands at more competitive prices. Another of the advantages of this chain is that it offers the option of buying online and receiving the purchase at home or going to one of its stores to pick it up. For unlimited time, Tesco has British essentials discounts, to the point that you can get products at up to 50% off. There are other supermarkets like LIDL and ASDA that are no slouches with deals either. Back to Tesco, these are the bag big savings on British essentials:

Yorkshire 80 teabags 250G for £3.30

classic soups and yogurts for £1.35

marshmallows and baked goods for £2.20

50% off vitamin specials

Pringles sour cream & onion sharing crisps for £2.25

Aside from taking advantage of the products that are discounted in price, you have to keep in mind some tips to make your shopping at Tesco more efficient. Pay attention and schedule them!

Make a list by sections


Think about the sections of the supermarket and what you will need in each one of them. Decide which meats you are going to buy, which fruits you want or the frozen foods you need. Not only will you save at the supermarket, but you will also waste less time. This tip is useful for online shopping.

Don't shop hungry


Going to the supermarket hungry makes you buy what you don't really need. Having an appetite greatly affects our choices, especially when we browse the aisles of cookies and candy. It is advisable to go to the supermarket with a full stomach.

Pay attention to discounts


To reduce expenses, you can look for special offers in advance, write down discounts and promotions and check the brochures of the supermarket. Nowadays there are many subscriptions available on the Internet and even cell phone applications that send alerts and notifications with the latest offers. When you go to Tesco, don't forget to check the promotions by carefully reading the label and the name of the product. Try to make the most of loyalty cards as well. They are a way to access exclusive coupons and save money on groceries.

Buy seasonal offers


The expiration date of products can be important for savings. When a product is about to expire, supermarkets tend to lower its price. To avoid waste you can buy these products that usually have labels with a different color to warn the consumer.

Flyers 365 brings you all the discount catalogs of the best supermarkets in the UK. Tesco has big savings on British essentials. Take advantage to save and prepare that delicious meal you've always wanted. Go right now!


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