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4 British fashion products that will never get old.

4 British fashion products that will never get old.

British fashion has a reputation for being conservative, elegant, and stylish. While the American fast-fashion industry is built to be flexible and, well, cheap, British apparel companies focus on providing quality materials capable of withstanding even the gloomiest of winters without losing your style.

Here are some of the most iconic British fashion products you can have in your wardrobe.

Classic pea coats

Probably the most essential item on the list. Pea coats and trench coats are an absolute must-have for anyone who wants to dress in style. From Audrey Hepburn to Kate Middleton, they all had at least a couple of coats for different occasions.

While they are certainly not cheap, not every coat costs a small fortune. There are many fashion brands that offer quality coats at bargain prices during the holidays or clearance sales. It's only a matter of seizing the opportunity.

If you are building your new wardrobe and you don't have at least one coat, we suggest you start with something that can be used on multiple occasions.


Blazers are definitely in fashion right now. They are stylish, comfortable, and warm and add a particular sense of style to anything you wear. There are many types of blazers, including oversized blazers, but the only ones that won't ever grow old are the more traditional neutral-color designs.

Brands like Banana Republic, J Crew, Zara, and Brooks Brothers have amazing designs that are also surprisingly affordable. Don't be afraid to shop around for the perfect fit, there are literally hundreds of options!

Everything tweed

If there is a fabric that can be considered 100% British, it's tweed. Dresses, coats, blazers, jackets, suits, skirts, pants, tweed looks good on everything. The trick with tweed is to make sure it fits right. While a tight tweed skirt can make you look elegant and slender, baggy tweed pants can make you remember your grandfather in ways you probably want to avoid.

Peter Pan Collar Dresses

Fans of Wednesday Addams, unite! Peter Pan collars are in fashion right now for many reasons. They are comfortable, elegant, easy to combine and, in general, just look amazing.

There are many types of dresses you can wear to incorporate this style. It is generally applied to black and dark patterns, but you can also find other, more progressive designs to pick from.

Some of the brands offering a selection of Peter Pan collar dresses in the UK are Tommy Hilfiger, 1901, Shein, Zara, H&M, and basically any fashion brand that offers stylish collections.

It is certainly one of the best semi-formal options to wear at the office, meetings or in that zoom call where you need to look like somebody who is not wearing pajamas all day long.


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