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5 products that are over the top British

5 products that are over the top British

The UK is famous for many things. Among those things are great performers, accents, a disproportionate number of royals, and products. The UK has some of the world's most famous brands ranging from luxury cars to groceries that make you wonder why they chose to leave the EU.

If you are on the market for some of the most undeniably British items in the world, here are 5 of them you just can't miss.


Some love it, some hate it, but everyone agrees this is probably the most British thing you can put on top of bread except for a little plastic Union Jack flag. Invented in Staffordshire during the late 19th century, Marmite is one of those things you just need to try at least once.

This little jar of black jelly has been a matter of debate for hundreds of years and it will most likely continue as new generations take on the old tradition of choosing a side in the Marmite war.

Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

You can't spell chocolate without Cadbury, at least not in the UK. Probably one of the most recognized chocolate brands in the world, right there with other power players like Milka, Lindt, and Hershey's, Cadbury has gained a reputation for its amazing dark chocolate bars and consistent quality.

Dr. Martens shoes

Make room for the boot. While we personally still doubt that Dr. Martens has a real doctor's license, their iconic black boot has been a part of modern British history since Punk decided to adopt the brand as part of their ever so dysfunctional family.

They are probably one of the most loved British brands in the world, and one that still holds true to their original style. You can visit any good department store on the globe and find a pair of Dr. Martens… and they are never on sale!

Ascot Hats

If you ever need to go to a fancy wedding, visit Buckingham Palace or make plans to assassinate James Bond, Ascot hats are absolutely the thing you need. Designed by David Shilling with the purpose of visiting the Royal Ascot, this hat has been part of British culture for centuries.

While hats have, unfortunately, gone out of fashion, this accessory is still oh so very relevant in fancy black-tie events. While we may not need one, we certainly want to have it just in case the queen feels the need to knight a few writers.

Aston Martins

Speaking of James Bond, let's talk about a brand that could not be more British if it came with a plate of fish and chips in the trunk. Aston Martin was 1913 and is still one of the greatest automotive brands in the world.

It has style, cutting-edge technology, speed, and specs that would make Jeremy Clarkson cry with joy.


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