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The family touch: inside Karndean's success story

The family touch: inside Karndean's success story

Karndean is one of the most successful British companies of all time. It started operations in 1973 and has been growing ever since. It was founded by Michael Walker and was originally based in the Midlands. From modest beginnings, the company and brand are now recognized worldwide as a leading manufacturer and supplier of the highest quality flooring. Walker wanted from the outset to bring to market a product that was unique, inspiring and different to what the vinyl flooring industry was offering in the 1970s. His philosophy was to offer vinyl flooring that was always practical, but beautiful at the same time. To this end, Walker scoured the world for design inspirations that would eventually set Karndean on the path to offering some of the most realistic luxury vinyl flooring products on the market. The consumer quickly warmed to the idea of endless combinations of planks, tiles, borders and design strips. Fundamentally, this meant that people were no longer just purchasing a floor, but a more unique solution to their luxury vinyl flooring needs. The 1990s was the real founding of the company, a time when the business was under the direction of Mike Walkers' daughter Fleur and her brother Chris. To this day, both the customer and the flooring companies that have benefited from Karndean Flooring's ranges continue to embrace Mike Walker's original idea of customization in vinyl flooring.


If you look closely at the Karndean logo, you'll notice the dog in the center. This is Walker's faithful Great Dane dog, Smokey, who lives on in the heart of the Karndean logo to this day. This company became big thanks to Walker's revolutionary ideas at the time, but also because of its family touch. The children have continued the legacy and even the logo is a nod to the founder's story. Karndean have showrooms in Manchester, London and Worcestershire, and a network of over 2000 retailers throughout the UK and Ireland. It is a firm that made it big by designing, manufacturing and selling high quality vinyl flooring. All their products are standardized to ISO 9001 and are manufactured from 100% pure virgin PVC, so every surface looks authentic.

Where Karndean floors are manufactured


Karndean is manufactured in Asia, but is headquartered in the United Kingdom. It has offices and distribution centers in Europe, the United States, Canada, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Like any smooth floor surface, liquids will make it slippery. This manufacturer tries to make its domestic product ranges slip resistant, however, it is always advisable to clean water or liquid from the floor to avoid accidents. If you are looking for commercial anti-slip products, they also offer solutions. As always, be sure to check the ratings to make sure it meets the requirements of your application.

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