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Buying a new TV for the World Cup? Here is what you need to know

Buying a new TV for the World Cup? Here is what you need to know

When you're looking for new TVs, there are so many choices on the market that it's hard to know what's important and what's not. From the minimum basics to the advanced features you need to know, here are some helpful buying tips. The World Cup is always a good moment to renew your TV. If you have been thinking about it, but put it off because you considered it an unnecessary expense, you no longer have excuses. In stores like Samsung, CPC or Maplin you will find multiple options and with the best prices.



The size of the TV is calculated by the size of the screen. Usually, it is obtained in the description with a measurement in inches that represents the diagonal dimension of the same. If we want to obtain the horizontal and vertical measurement, we must take into account that the standard factory proportions are 16:9. This characteristic is fundamental to obtain the best user experience since the size of the image to be displayed will depend on this.



Screen resolution is defined as the number of pixels or "color dots" that can be displayed and make up the image. The higher the resolution, the more pixels the image will have and the more sharpness it will have. The size and resolution of the screen are characteristics that relate to the optimal distance for the user to obtain a good experience. The ideal is to have a 4K screen resolution, which has four times more pixels than 2K.



Samsung TVs especially rely on the broader Samsung product ecosystem to deliver an integrated experience for smart home and mobile users. In contrast, other brands will rely on third-party software such as Roku, Android, Google and Fire. The most popular of these is Roku TV, which can be found on a variety of TVs, from budget TVs to premium models.



When technology is recent it tends to be quite expensive, so it isn't advisable to purchase it immediately but wait for it to develop or normalize. Therefore, it is better to buy a TV with advanced technology within the normal standards to pay a reasonable price and not become obsolete right away.



If you have the opportunity to visit a physical store to buy the TV, you could try it beforehand so you don't get a surprise later. Making the purchase in a safe place is essential if you are not willing to lose money. Sellers can advise you to buy good equipment without overspending. Another point to which you should pay fundamental attention is the warranty. If the product should fail and it is under warranty, you can change it without regret and you will have the confidence of knowing that the store did not let you down.

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