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The best supermarket chains in the UK

The best supermarket chains in the UK

Grocery shopping is sometimes considered to be a dull affair. And while sometimes it can be monotonous and uneventful, other times It can lead to very interesting things, like discovering your new favorite wine brand or an amazing discount on an electric kettle.

In the UK, your grocery shopping satisfaction mostly depends on where you go. That is why we prepared the ultimate supermarket list, ranking the absolute best places to go when running low on supplies for that movie marathon you have been postponing.


In almost every supermarket ranking you can find on the internet (yes, those are a thing) ALDI always comes on top. This German brand has it all. Amazing prices, some of the best brands on the market, variety, and some of the best customer service in the land.

They also have a collection of beer brands that can put even the poshest pub in London to shame. They also have a vast network of stores, covering almost every urban area in the UK, with over 870 locations and their own online marketplace.

What's not to love?


A proper British supermarket. Morrisons was founded in 1899, making it one of the oldest (ye oldest) supermarket chains on the land. They are currently the fourth largest chain in the UK, with over 490 stores located in major urban areas.

They may very well be the top UK chain on the list and rank among the favorite places to go if you are British, hungry, and carrying a shopping list on your hand or phone.

They offer some of the best brands in the world, while also displaying a selection of amazing UK products ranging from absolute classics to newfound favorites. They also have their own online marketplace, offering free shipping on selected purchases and special discounts for those who prefer staying home.


Another national treasure. Founded in 1919 by a young entrepreneur named Jack Cohen, Tesco has become one of the UK's most valuable brands. They have managed to cross the border into many European countries and have fairly survived the Brexit aftermath without losing so much as a hummus dish.

One of the most attractive things about Tesco has to do with their offers and weekly deals. While some supermarkets offer generic discounts, Tesco often provides some of the most interesting combos that, combined with their financing options, can make you save a lot of money.

They are also incredibly huge in terms of coverage. They own and operate over 4600 shops worldwide, making them the McDonald of British supermarkets. They are also very successful in Hungary, Ireland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary. So if you ever decide to go to any of those places, you can be sure there will be a Tesco waiting for you, probably near your hotel.


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