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Eurocopa 2024 and Subside Sports: Best deals to support the national team

Eurocopa 2024 and Subside Sports: Best deals to support the national team

Eurocopa 2024 is one of the most attractive championships in the world. It is being played simultaneously with the Copa America and both competitions will define the top winners on both sides of the world.

The UK is the home of world football and you can support your team with the right apparel. Join Subside Sports and take advantage of the offers on sportswear to be in tune with the competition. The best apparel for fans:

England football jersey

concepto-composicion-futbol_23-2147827730.jpg England is the oldest national team and played the first international match against Scotland in 1872. Traditionally, England have worn white jerseys, blue shorts and white socks. Although they occasionally wore an all-white kit.

The traditional away shirt was blue, but since a color clash with Argentina in 1951, they have worn red, which became iconic when they lifted the World Cup in 1966. England has generally maintained a very traditional design. However, there are some notable designs such as the Admiral jersey of 1980 and the Umbro kits of the late 1990s and 2000s.

You can get the official Nike jersey discounted for £79.15.

Sports outfit

composicion-futbol-camiseta_23-2147827780.jpg To the England football jersey you can add the long pants and jacket set, also from Nike. It's almost a rule to go to the field with the whole outfit to cheer for the country in the Eurocopa 2024. How much can you get all the equipment? For £129.99.

Short England 2024/25

atletas-cultivos-cerca-balon-futbol_23-2147817299.jpg Since it's summer, it's better to wear shorts. Buy the England one for £44.99. These classic shorts have perfectly embroidered badges and logos, elastic waistband for a comfortable fit, soft, durable and comfortable fabric, and are made from 100% recycled polyester fibers. Only the training shorts feature zippered pockets.

All about Eurocopa 2024

futbol-concepto-exito-meta_1150-5276.avif Eurocopa 2024 is the seventeenth edition of the European national team tournament. Organized by UEFA, it was held in Germany and is the second time the country has hosted the championship, having previously organized the 1988 edition.

Ten cities in seven of the 16 federal states were selected for the tournament. In addition to Munich (67,000 stadium seats) and Berlin (70,000), matches were held in Cologne (47,000), Dortmund (66,000), Düsseldorf (47,000), Frankfurt (48,000), Gelsenkirchen (50,000), Hamburg (50,000), Leipzig (42,000) and Stuttgart (54,000). Twenty of the 24 teams secured their participation through victories in the various qualifying groups. Three other teams qualified for a 12-team play-off tournament between 21 and 26 March 2024. The groups for the final competition in Germany were drawn at the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.

As hosts, the German team is automatically qualified and paired in Group A of the final tournament, with six groups of four teams each.

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