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What's new and exciting in Nintendo's world

What's new and exciting in Nintendo's world

Nintendo is always at the top of the innovations when it comes to portable consoles. Just as every year firms such as Apple or Samsung present new products to the market, the Japanese company is expected to do the same. What's new and exciting in Nintendo's world? The Switch 2. Since its appearance on the market, it has not stopped gaining followers. It is a difficult field, where there are great competitors, but Nintendo knows how to take advantage of its products. Since its launch in March 2017, it has not stopped breaking records. In February 2022 it managed to surpass the mythical Wii in sales, but things didn't stop there: by November 2023 it had already sold 132 million units. That's not counting the Christmas season and the availability of the OLED model. Nintendo's latest proposal in consoles, at least until the launch of the rumored new generation, is the Switch OLED. It is a hybrid model that combines the advantages of desktop and handheld consoles. According to rumors, there will be substantial changes for this new version of the console. Let's review the main aspects of change:

8-inch screen


The original Nintendo Switch arrived with a 6.2-inch screen, and then made the leap to a 7-inch diagonal when it launched the OLED version. Now the company's intention is to go further and achieve an 8-inch LCD screen.

Life cycle coming to an end


The pace of new console launches usually hovers around seven years, so it looks like 2024 could indeed be the year we see a new Nintendo console. The company has remained cautious, but the Switch's life cycle appears to be coming to an end despite the launch of the OLED model. Offering it before Christmas 2024 would allow the manufacturer to take advantage of that future big sales season as well.

Changes in hardware


Although Nintendo has been decades away from the battle for power in which its competitors (Sony and Microsoft) are immersed, it is to be expected that it will also introduce internal changes in hardware. Although modest, the new model would allow players to play games with higher detail and graphics quality.

The panels are ready


Sharp revealed last year that it was providing LCD panels for Nintendo's future console, which was then in full R&D phase. This manufacturer, part of Foxconn, has already worked in the past with Nintendo and in fact participated in the assembly phase of the Switch during the pandemic.

Best processor


The Switch 2 could feature a processor with 8 nm photolithography (20 nm in the original Switches, 16 nm in the OLED and Lite), which would allow gains in power and efficiency. Not only that: graphics power will be multiplied thanks to new NVIDIA GPUs and also to the use of the company's DLSS technology. In other words: better and smoother graphics than ever before.

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