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The best Christmas gifts for foodies

The best Christmas gifts for foodies

Mission: to find the best Christmas gifts for foodies, cheese and wine lovers, gourmets. Or what is the same, lovers of cooking, good food and good drink. There are countless stores in the UK where you can find all the delicacies for gifts. Here are some of them: Tesco, Musgrave MarketPlace, Booker Wholesale, Makro, Sainsbury's or Waitrose.

Sushi set for two people


To enjoy Japanese food at home, nothing like this set that includes a wooden tray (20x35 cm), a slate tray, a bamboo placemat, two pairs of chopsticks, two ceramic bowls and two fish-shaped bowl rests.

Automatic coffee machines


A fantastic Christmas purchase for coffee drinkers who enjoy espresso, cappuccino or latte macchiato, among an infinite number of combinations. These coffee makers also have a filter that reduces the lime content of the water and filters out substances that affect aromas and flavors. They have a grinder with which you can make freshly ground coffee, you can also prepare frothed milk and clean it very easily thanks to its front opening.



Nothing better than an inexpensive and necessary gift to get plenty of vitamin C this winter. They are very easy to clean and will help you prepare your orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime juices effortlessly. Low noise level, one liter tank very easy to use (even for children), easy to clean and takes up little space.



If your special someone likes grilled meat, fish or vegetables, this is the perfect complement to prepare them at home as in a restaurant. It has a wide variety of possibilities thanks to its three positions: you can close it as a grill, open it as a griddle or semi-open it for grilling or baking. It also includes two trays to collect the fat.

Set of pots


A great set of pots and pans with which nothing will be missing. Great for a complete kitchenware makeover and as a gift for a foodie. Sets consisting of three pots with glass lids, two pans with non-stick coating and a saucepan, all made of high quality stainless steel, are ideal.

Pizza cutter


Pizzas are one of the most delicious foods when we have guests at home, an appointment or we are with the family and we do not feel like cooking at all. As simple as opening the oven, put it inside and wait a few minutes. The tragedy and the conflict comes when it is time to cut it. With the scissors you burn your hands and the knife destroys the pizza. The pizza cutter is an ideal choice for a foodie. Its sharp blade can be used for pizza dough, puff pastry and pastry dough. Ideal for adding a fun touch to your kitchen, as many include a bicycle stand for when not in use.

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