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What kind of products can I find at MKM BUILDING SUPPLIES?

MKM Building Supplies sells a wide variety of products such as bathrooms, bathroom and kitchen taps, bathroom accessories, bathroom furniture, bathroom furniture, building materials, blocks, bricks, cement, concrete and mortar, chemicals and sealants, insulation, lintels, plaster, roofing, door frames, flooring, electrical supplies, batteries, cable reels, plugs and fuses, lighting and bulbs, sockets, switches and dimmers, tv and radio, wiring accessories, among many othe products.

Who are MKM BUILDING SUPPLIES's main competitors across the country?

MKM Building Supplies competes in the UK with other chains of stores such as Cala, Taiga, Jewson, among others.


Will MKM BUILDING SUPPLIES have deals on Black Friday?

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